Boost Your Immune System with Far Infrared Energy from Bioceramic Clothing

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Boost Your Immune System with Safe Far Infrared Clothing

What is "Your Immune System"

The immune system is your body's ability to recognize and defend itself against infectious bacteria, organisms, viruses and the onset of disease.

Wearing FIR clothing can protect your health by fortifying your body's defense mechanism against harmful foreign substances.


Your Immune System protects your body from foreign substances.

The Immune Response is a reaction to an antigen (any substance foreign to the body). When the body identifies an antigenic molecule as foreign it forms antibodies and lymphocytes capable of reacting with it and rendering it harmless - called also immune reaction.

The specific cells, areas and organs in the body are capable of dealing with foreign substances are: 

  • Thymus - produces T-cells
  • Spleen - filters the blood looking for foreign cells
  • Lymph system - the flushing system that removes waste byproducts from the body.
  • Bone marrow - makes new red & white blood cells
  • White blood cells - lots of different cells: Leukocytes, Lymphocyte, Monocytes, Granulocytes, B-cells, Plasma cells, T-cells, Helper T-cells, Killer T-cells, Suppressor T-cells, Natural killer cells, Neutrophils, Eosinophils, Basophils, Phagocytes, Macrophages
  • Antibodies  - produced by white blood cells
  • Complement system - a series of proteins manufactured in the liver
  • Hormones - Chemicals produced by glands in the body. Hormones control the actions of certain cells or organs

Boost Your Immune System

A strong immune system is vital in the defense of your health and well being.

If you're constantly getting colds, often feel lethargic, suffer from allergies and endure various gastrointestinal problems. Then you need to boost your body's defense.

Another indication of a depleted immune system is slow recovery time from a muscle strain, tendon sprain or bone fracture.

Negative Ion Far Infrared Clothing can help. Read More about the Benefits of Negative Ions


How do Far Infrared Rays help?

An improved circulatory and lymphatic system is the goal here. Basically what far infrared does is energize and activate cellular metabolism.

Far infrared rays (FIR) gently dilate your arteries, blood vessels and tiny capillaries. In turn improving circulation along with your overall health!


Wearing FIR clothing improves cellular functioning and helps to eliminate toxins and cellular waste particles.

Synthesized farm fertilizers, poisons, carcinogenic heavy metals, toxic substances from food processing, lactic acid, free fatty acids, uric acids and subcutaneous fat are all suspended in individual cells until the bodily functions can flush them out.  Wouldn't you want to get rid of these?

Far Infrared therapy is a very beneficial aid in obtaining optimum health and strengthening your immune system.

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Even just wearing a pair of Far Infrared Socks on a regular basis will help rejuvenate the cells in your feet and give you lymph system a "push".