Washing Instructions for Far Infrared Bio-Ceramic Products

Yes, You can wash Far Infrared Garments and Clothing:
  • You Hand Wash or use gentle cycle in cool water (below 15 C or 60 F)
  • You use Natural Soap or Mild Detergent (organic is even better)
  • You Rinse in cool water
  • You Roll in a dry towel to remove excess water.
  • You Hang to dry - room temperature (use a clothes line or rack)
  • You Avoid the heat of a dryer and hot water.
  • You Don't want to dry clean (your items won't like this)
  • You Don't iron or bleach (your items may melt or ... shrivel up!)

Best to Wash By Hand

FIR Fabrics & Materials: The patented for Bio-Ceramic particles that emit the FIR are fused directly into the Neoprene & Polypropylene fibers. You can't wash them out  :0