Shingles - Varicella Zoster Virus

A Great Natural Treatment for Shingles

Are you looking for an effective and drug free way to relieve the tormenting symptoms of shingles?

Do you believe it's possible to escape the unrelenting & excruciating pain caused by shingles without relying 100% on prescription drugs to numb your body?

There are a number of natural ways to help relive pain and agony caused by [shingles] varicella zoster virus.

What Does Varicella Zoster Virus look like?

Skin develops rash clusters of small red bumps.Some of the "Vesicles" have the appearance of small watery blisters.

Be careful, the blisters ARE contagious!

Shingles Virus Shin Rash around Torso of Body


Is Shingles Driving You Crazy?

If you’re one of the thousands of average adults who are experiencing the terrible agony of shingles (10% of population over age 50), then you will be happy to know there is now a natural therapy that can effectively relieve the symptoms of shingles without the use of prescription drugs.

"... shirt had worked so well to alleviate her husband’s shingles he wouldn’t take it off!"


FIR Soothes the Skin & helps to relieve the Pain of Shingles:

Far Infrared Shirts are comfortable to wear against the skin.

The fabrics in the FIR Shirts we carry are embedded with a special patented formulas of natural bio-ceramics that reflect soothing penetrating far infrared light rays deep into the body.


Far infrared light is natural, safe and extremely effective at stimulating circulation at the molecular level.

FIR helps to breakdown and flush toxins while allowing fresh nutrients and oxygen rich blood to reach the cells.

With Infrared Tops, you're not just relieving the excruciating pain of shingles, you're addressing the cause and helping your body to heal and repair damage caused by the virus.


Discovered by Accident:

Quite by accident, we discovered that  FIR Shirts do a remarkable job of helping relieve the pain of shingles. 


A couple of months ago, a lady called our customer service desk and complained that she was tired of seeing her husband walk around the house with no shirt on. She wanted to know if products [shirt] could do anything to help relieve her husband’s misery.

Not only was shingles driving him crazy, we got the impression that his ailment was also driving her crazy!

She ordered the FIR Shirt for him.  Our shipping department sent it out directly and we never heard another word about their situation.

About a month later, the same lady called back to order another shirt.

She said FIR shirt had worked so well to alleviate her husband’s shingles he wouldn’t take it off!

Now she needed a second shirt, so one could be washed while he was wearing the other.


FIR Speeds Healing of Shingles Rash:

Shingles is often painful.

Due to the virus traveling along the nerves eventually reaching the skin and resulting in inflammation that can range from mild rash to painful blisters and lesions.

The lesions may heal within several weeks but the damage done to the nerves from the virus can result in Postherpetic Neuralgia.

There's a devastating range of pain that can last for up to six months. Far Infrared shirts help to reduce the pain & speed the healing process.

Just by stimulating micro-circulation to the tiny blood vessels that feed the nerves.

Far infrared shirts should be worn as often as possible to combat the symptoms of shingles while promoting healing.

You should try one - many have found relief from the debilitating pain & frustration caused by Shingles.