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Treatment of Restless Leg Syndrome

Restless Leg Syndrome | Symptoms | Causes | Treatment

How to Treat Restless Leg Syndrome

Some medications are helpful but they may not eliminate Restless Leg Syndrome.

You may ask your doctor to test for any iron and/or vitamin deficiency. Iron, B12 and Folate supplements may be beneficial for you.

Some individuals may get relief from sleeping medications and some pharmaceuticals (ask your doctor about this). Of course, there may be side effects from using these medications.

Newer treatments may include Cannabis.

We recommend wearing Far Infrared Garments to help relax your muscles (acts like a massage) and ease the tingly, twitching and muscle cramps.  No negative side effects!


How Does FIR Clothing Help Treat RLS?

The threads in Far Infrared Garments are made with a special fabric, fused with a safe formula of bio-ceramics that emit beneficial far infrared rays (FIR).

These safe waves of soothing FIR energy penetrate deep into the tissues of your body and basically help to ease the tension and twitching of the muscles and reduce the nerve sensations.


Customer Comments

Subject: What I like about Prolotex Products

For 39 years I have suffered from what I always called "Restless Legs Syndrome". For the past 8 years, the discomfort moved anywhere between my toes, feet and up my legs.

My pain has been so excruciating at times, to the point where I had little sleep for weeks at a time. Talk about affecting the nervous system. You cannot travel, you cannot sit and visit with people, in fact, I usually walked around at suppertime with my dinner plate in my hand, trying to find some comfort, so I could eat in peace.

I have tried a multitude of herbal remedies but still never attacking the problem from the "peripheral neuropathy" angle.

In desperation, I went online and found your "wonderful" sox. I cannot believe what they have done for me. I put them on every day at 3:00 p.m. and go to bed at night with them on. I sleep soundly through the night.

They truly are a miracle cure for me.

Chris C. Canada

FIR helps promote circulation to the muscles and nerve endings, similar to that from a massage or gentle exercise. This helps to ease the symptoms of RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome).

If your muscles and nerves can relax, you will be able to sleep better and reduce the occurrence of insomnia.