Symptoms of Lyme Disease

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Symptoms of Lyme Disease?

The symptoms of Lyme disease in humans occur in three stages.

Stage one:

  •  a distinctive target-shaped expanding red rash that usually develops at the site of the tick bite. The red circular patch (erythema migrans)  usually appears 3 - 30 days after the bite of the tick.
  • The circular rash is seen in 60-80% of infected cases (no rash is ever observed in 20-40 % of the cases).
  • Spirochetes (slender, spiral, motile bacteria) can be visible from the outer edge of the rash.

May Be Dormant

Some symptoms and signs of Lyme disease may not appear until weeks, months, or years after a tick bite.

There are lots of different variations in how the symptoms show up. Many times they seem like other ailments and can be difficult to diagnose.

Some people never get a rash while others may only have arthritis symptoms or may only feel tingling sensations in the extremities.
Typical Circular Rash is a Symptom of Lyme Disease


Reported from all over the world - some areas are show a higher percentage of reported cases.



Symptoms of Lyme Disease?

Stage two:

Two or three days to several weeks after initial infection the spirochetes (bacteria) may spread through the blood stream into other body tissues.  Patient may experience one or more of the following symptoms:

  •     headache
  •     muscle and joint pain
  •     fever and chills
  •     fatigue
  •     swollen lymph nodes
  •     secondary skin lesions

Stage three:

  •     Joint, tendon & muscle pain (intermittent)
  •     Meningitis - fever, stiff neck & headache
  •     Bell's palsy (partial facial muscles paralysis)
  •     Irregular heart beat
  •     Rheumatoid Arthritis pain & swelling in the knees & hips.
  •     Osteoarthritis conditions
  •     Nerve numbness & tingling in hands or feet
  •     Memory lapse
  •     Mood Swings
  •     Insomnia