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Why You can trust

We keep trying to do a better job, and though we will probably make some more mistakes, what we DO promise is:

  1.     We will continue to upgrade our system to help protect your privacy.
  2.     We will provide You with a secure shopping environment.
  3.     We will continue to improve Your on-line shopping experience.
  4.     We will continue to source NEW Infrared Products for You.
  5.     We will continue to make every attempt to fix issues as they arise.
  6.     We will offer You Far Infrared Products that actually work.
  7.     We will keep the prices low and affordable for You.
  8.     We will work diligently to show you that we appreciate to You, our customers.
  9.     We will let You know of discounts and specials.
  10.     We will not sell/rent/lease Your personal information to any third party.
  11.     We will not send you spam or junk mail.
  12.     We will notify You (If you sign up for our newsletter) of new products, special offers and discounts.
  13.     We will offer affordable shipping to USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and other international destinations.
  14.     We will make every effort to process and ship Your order within 2-4 business days.
  15.     We will work diligently to provide You with top quality customer services.
  16.     We will offer You toll free voice-mail services.
  17.     We include Facebook Messenger & email channels of communication for You.
  18.     We will attempt to stay abreast with ever changing virtual environments, including social media so you can stay current.