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FAQ's on Far Infrared Clothing

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How Does Far Infrared Clothing Work

The FIR energy will last several years - much longer than the rest of the fabric.
The bio-ceramic fabrics emit 6-14 micron wavelengths of far infrared rays. This wavelength is very easily and safely absorbed into our cells and tissues.
The Bio-Ceramics are fused directly into the thread. They do not wash out.
When cared for as directed, your garment will last at least a year. Most customers re-order in 12-14 months.
The temperature of the FIR fabric stays the same. When you wear FIR garments, you will feel a warming sensation from the increased circulation created by the Bio-Ceramics.

Some individuals feel more warmth than others. This will depend on several other factors, like how often they wear the garment, how severe their condition is, how much water they drink, what kind of food they eat, their overall level of health and their other daily habits.
FIR garments do not need batteries. The energy is coming from the Bio-Ceramics in the threads. Some Far Infrared heating pads, yoga mats, and mattresses do need an additional electrical source to gain the most benefits.
Some will, some won't. Items made with Polypropylene or Modal blended fibers do not normally sweat. Far Infrared Blankets and bedding normally "breath". Products made with Bio-Ceramic embedded Neoprene will make you sweat as part of their design for weight loss and toxin flushing.
Gloves and Socks are made from a special polypropylene thread that has been fused with micro-particles of lead-free bio-ceramics. Read more about Bio-Ceramics


Gloves, Shirts  and Pants   * 95% polypropylene, * 5% ceramics

Bands & Sleeves   * 85% polypropylene, * 10% spandex,* 5% ceramics

Socks   * 80% polypropylene, * 15% spandex. * 5% ceramics
Firma ‘smart fabric’ uses a perfectly balanced mix of biocrystal, bioceramic, and minerals.

Fiber Content:
* 92% polyamide (with embedded bio-crystals)
* 8% elastane