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Have received and used  socks and gloves and am VERY satisfied. Wish to order spare socks and knee supports. Can you help, please. (yes)
Michael O. UK
Subject:  Knee band

I was absolutely amazed a the speed of delivery. I have worn the band 1 day now and already experiencing great relief in the discomfort of knee
Thank you so much .Barbara C. UK
Knee Bands finally Came... some how the package was rerouted in the postal system and took ages to come. But I have them now and I will say, it was WORTH the long wait.
What a differnec. I was just hoping to reduce the swelling from my injury (which did help) but I have to report an added benefit. WARMTH. My knees are warm & cozy. Not HOT and sweaty like the neoprene brace I have, just a wonderful warming sensation. I am quite tranquilized by your products.
Thank you again. Rosemary R. UK
God Bless you!
I don't know how it works, I don't care how it works, but for the first time in over a month, since I just today received the knee band I ordered & put it on, I can actually lift my leg up with NO PAIN!

I have a Baker's Cyst in the back of my left knee. I can attest to the finger-less gloves helping my right wrist & trigger thumb problem..... these have saved me from surgery.... no pain since I started wearing these over a year ago!

To be able to lift me leg up with NO pain today is even more PROOF that these are incredible! Thank you so much. I think I can be your Poster Woman..... 58 years old & going strong because of "". I love you all!
Patti S.
Plainville, CT