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IMy gloves and wrist bands arrived on my mail boat yesterday. Only taking two weeks to get here! I put the wrist bands on immediately and last night I wore the gloves to bed

With out a word of a lie – I had the best sleep I have had for months and months. Carpel tunnel in both wrists is so bad and I wake several times every night month in month out! Last night I slept so well but woke here and there as I am so used to it but to stop to think and realise that my hands were NOT numb!!

These little miracles are WONDERFUL

I could feel my hands wanting to do their numb thing BUT the wristbands and gloves were doing their thing against this and they worked!

I can see I will have to order another set of each as they will get wrecked with the work I do.

I will be in touch. I so thank you for such a wonderful product

Best to you, Kathie (New Zealand)
Love my new wristbands

I have been wearing, off and on, for about nine years, the Gloves; both full hand coverage and with the fingertips uncovered.

From the first usage of my first pair I had not only a deeper healing taking place, but also the surface of my skin on my hands was affected in a positive way as well.

I have just received my first wrist bands yesterday and put them on immediately, removed my copper & magnetic bracelet and could feel a great deal of comfort right away!

I Love my new wrist bands even more than my gloves
Lynn W.

YES, please share all over the world so that people might STOP poisoning themselves with unnecessary medications instead♥
One Love, Lynn♥