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I tried to find a place to write a review for your ladies long pants but I couldn't find it on your website. Feel free to cut and paste from this email:

I researched your products because of a referral from my Naturpathic MD. I have poor circulation in my left leg that causes a lot of pain in the calf muscles when I walk and neuropathy in my left foot that causes a lot of pain. This was a side effect from chemotherapy 5 years ago.

My doctor suggested that your clothing could help relieve the pain and possibly slow down the progression of the thickening of my arteries. I must say that I love these pants! I bought one pair to try out and bought another pair because they are amazing!

When I wear these pants, I can walk without muscle pain for quite a while to shop or exercise. Wearing jeans, I am not able to walk to the car without my calf muscle hurting.

When I wear the pants to bed, I notice that the neuropathy in my foot does not scream pain overnight. Over the past couple of months, I have not been able to put my foot under the covers because of the sensitivity on the top of my foot. When I wear the pants to bed, I have no sensitivity. It is truly amazing!

My daughter calls them my magic pants. I believe they are.

Jacky M., Hermiston, OR
Subject: My Product Review

Testimonial: Therapeutic Eye Mask

I purchased the eye mask to help me with eye strain and fine lines around my eyes... the lines on my forehead and between my eyes have smoothed SIGNIFICANTLY.

This is the best thing EVER. I am buying another for myself and one for my mom. Please, please make a face mask. Such an awesome product!