Shoulder Pain Causes

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Why Are My Shoulders in Pain?

Painful Shoulders are often caused by incorrect posture or a result of a Repetitive Stress Injury. If your body is constantly tensed or if you spend a long time craning your neck-then your “Traps” (Trapezius Muscles) are going to feel sore, painful and can sometimes get swollen.

Here are just a few causes of Trapezius Muscle pain:

Stressed about trying to make it before that deadline or about getting to that appointment on time? That stress can cause you to tense and tighten up your muscles. You feel it the most in your Trapezius Muscles at the top of your shoulders and near your neck area as well.

Posture/Static Positions
All kinds of problems can occur when you’ve got bad posture, Trapezius Pain is just one of them. If you’re guilty of standing or sitting with your head slightly forward, then you’re most likely to experience Trapezius Pain. That’s because being in this same position (or any position) for a long period of time can cause your Trapezius muscles and your Neck muscles to become tense and lock in place.

Similarly, if you hold your phone between your ear and shoulder, sleeping in the fetal position, straining your neck because the computer monitor is the wrong height-all of these awkward positions will contribute to your Trapezius Pain.

Pulled Muscles
If you move your body too fast and too far suddenly, this can cause the muscle fibers in your upper back to tear. This can cause your Trapezius muscles to be severed and can cause you considerable amounts of pain. Also, fluids may pool and start to swell around that area.