Does Far Infrared Clothing Really Work

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The simple answer is YES it does work.

When you wear a high quality therapy product made with the right formula of FIR emitting bio-ceramics, it works!

We have been designing, manufacturing and distributing Far Infrared Therapy Products since 2004.


More Than a Decade

I've often heard from older wiser individuals that it takes about 10 years (a decade) or so to get really good at perfecting your craft. I can't say for certain if this is a universal law or not, but in my experience it seems to be the case.

Over the last dozen plus years, we have sold hundreds of thousands of far infrared clothing products to help people all over the world. This experience has granted us an exclusive opportunity to understand thoroughly how well, and to what degree our FIR therapy products work for our customers.


Far Infrared Guy

Far Infrared Guy

The vast majority of our customers are satisfied, and for us, this is especially rewarding. Many have become repeat buyers and provided us with great reviews. Much appreciated, thank you.

This really is a "feel good" business. When you can provide effective, affordable and non-invasive products to help relieve someone's health problems and improve their quality of life. This really is a very personal and gratifying feeling.

How Does Far Infrared Clothing Work.

The material fibers are infused with a bio-ceramic formula that absorbs, emits and reflects far infrared rays.

It's these wonderful and natural therapeutic rays of light energy that stimulate cellular activity, boost circulation, relieve pain and swelling.

Tourmaline Crystals

A truly effective bio-ceramic formula is made from gemstones and crystals.

Tourmaline is among the highest-energy crystals in the world and is a great emitter of FIR energy

Negative Ions are readily emitted from the TOURMALINE mineral

Negative Ions are readily emitted from Tourmaline crystals. These natural crystals are one of the ingredients formulated into high quality Far Infrared products.

Tourmaline crystals come in a variety of beautiful rainbow colors. They emit health benefiting negative ions and far infrared (FIR) rays.


Negative Ions are readily emitted from the TOURMALINE mineral

Tourmaline crystals, along with other natural ceramic minerals are made into a nano-powder and then infused inside the fabrics fibers. When done correctly, the bio-ceramics are sealed within the fabric and cannot be washed out.

It's important to note; some other so called infrared clothing products on the market today may not contain the active ingredients necessary to provide the desired therapeutic results.