What is Resonance Absorption and How are Far Infrared Rays Connected

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Far Infrared Rays from FIR Clothing Safely enters your cells via "Resonance Absorption"


Natural Phenomenon that is GOOD for You

"Resonance absorption" is a natural phenomenon that occurs when electromagnetic light energy such as far infrared rays match the intrinsic cellular vibration of your body's cells.

This allows the FIR energy to easily be absorbed through your skin into the muscle, joint and soft tissues of your body.

This natural process stimulates cellular metabolism and increases circulation on the molecular level.

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The body's cells only absorb infrared light rays that are within the same wavelength frequency (9-14 microns), the rest passes through harmlessly.

This natural phenomenon generates a number of vital processes.

  1. Increases molecular vibration and cellular metabolism
  2. Dilate blood vessels and capillaries improving micro-circulation.
  3. Improving the supply of fresh oxygen and nutrients via the blood stream
  4. Helping to release and flush toxins stored in the cells
  5. Relieve pain and swelling
  6. Reduce the uric acid levels in the blood