What Are The Side Effects Of Far Infrared Rays

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Are Far Infrared Rays emitted from Bioceramic Clothing Safe to wear?

Far Infrared Rays Side Effects

Of course people are concerned about the side effects of (FIR) Far Infrared Rays. Who wants to try a treatment without first knowing if there's negative effects?

FIR Therapy is relatively new to western society. We've been raised with a different mindset. See your doctor, get a prescription and hopefully our ailment will go away.

The unknown "mystery" effects of FIR is what keeps us from giving this home remedy a try.

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Is Far Infrared Harmful

There are many published clinical studies of the biological effects of (FIR) far infrared rays on the US National Library of Medicine.

From years of experience and hundreds of thousands of sales, I can honestly tell you, there has been only a couple of times a customer was concerned about what they thought was a negative side effect.

Interesting enough, each one of them had the same thing in common. All were heavy smokers. What they thought was a negative side effect was actually a positive.

Through what is known as "resonance absorption" FIR can release harmful toxins stored within the cells of the body. Some of which can be flushed from the cells through the skin. At first, appearing as a slight skin rash then dissipating over a few days.


Healthy FIR of Energy are emitted from Bio-Ceramic Fabrics deep into the skin and tissues.


Far infrared therapy "added bonus"

Far infrared light ray energy is easily absorbed deep into the tissues of your skin, muscle and tendons.

  • It stimulates micro-circulation by dilating blood vessels and capillaries.
  • It enhances the delivery of fresh oxygen and nutrients to speed cellular repair and rejuvenation.


At first, you may experience some mild discomfort but that's only because it's working.

If you've been suffering for a long time from a common ailment, then it's not going to fix you overnight. It's not an "overnight wonder"! That's not how our bodies work.

FIR stimulates the healing process.

It's not a drug that stops your pain by interfering with the pain signals to your brain. If you give it a chance, it can do wonders. And it doesn't mean you stop doing everything else to improve your condition.

Far infrared therapy is an added bonus, it's not a miracle "fix all" therapy.

Far Infrared Rays emitted from Natural Bio-Ceramics are Good for you

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Safe, Effective, Affordable

There is no danger or harmful effects from coming in contact with FIR energy itself. In fact, it's the exact opposite.

Far infrared rays are super beneficial to the functioning of our bodies. It's safe, effective and affordable. It's use will only increase as a source of therapeutic remedies.