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FAQ's on Far Infrared for Better Health

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Far Infrared for Better Health

Most individuals will feel a warming sensation because of the increase in circulation.

Far Infrared products will help regulate your body temperature. They are not hot like battery operated devices.

Far Infrared energy wave help to increase circulation. In most cases this will reduce the blood pressure. If you are concerned, we suggest you consult your physician.
Most people experience positive results from wearing Far Infrared Fashion products. One in a million may experience a slight itching on the surface of their skin. This indicates that the toxins in their system are being flushed out and the cells are being cleansed. Read more about Side Effects.
Other than the men's boxer briefs, the products do not have magnets

Yes it is safe to wear FIR Gloves. garments are a safe and non-invasive therapy and will not interfere with the insulin pump.
Some of our customers who have a pacemaker, are successfully using our non-invasive FIR clothing products. If you are concerned, we suggest you consult your physician.
Several of our customers that have Fibromyalgia, are gaining positive, healing benefits from Far Infrared therapeutic garments. They say they feel less pain that the muscle cramping is reduced.
Yes, the FIR emitted and reflected from far infrared garments are safe to wear during pregnancy. If you are concerned, we suggest you consult your physician. In hospital premature baby care units, incubators are often equipped with infrared systems to keep newborn babies warm and boost their immune system.
Yes,  FIR garments are safe for children to wear. The FIR emitted from the fabric is mild and non-invasive. If you are concerned, we suggest you talk to your physician. products are not yet covered by an insurance company. Some of our customers have successfully submitted their invoice to their insurance company for reimbursement.
Most of our customers wear our FULL FINGERTIP and  OPEN FINGERTIP FIR gloves for relief of Trigger Finger and/or Trigger Thumb. Both of these models of gloves are form fitting, soft and help to reduce the inflammation in the finger and thumb tendons.
You can safely wear Natural FIR emitting products if you have had joint replacements. The natural minerals used in their bio-ceramics formula are free of any magnetic properties.

Some other new products  - like the men's briefs, do have additional health magnets embedded into the design.

When in doubt, check out the material content of individual items.
The FIR energy will help to increase the metabolism and release toxins, (detoxification) fats and heavy metals that are stored in the cells. FIR Saunas are very effective, but the rate of detoxification can be too intense for some individuals. When worn on a regular basis, FIR Garments and clothing offer a mild, slower and non-invasive method to detoxify and lose weight.

Some FIR garments are designed to help with weight loss and detoxification.  Read More on how FIR Helps you reduce weight.
Some of our customers have received relief from the pain in their hands following Chemo Therapy treatments.  We do not know of any medical study that shows the affects and benefits of FIR Therapy after Chemo treatments.
We recommend Far Infrared gloves and socks for treating Arthritis in your hands and feet. continues to develop more products that will cover different areas of the body and joints that are afflicted with Arthritis.