Treament of Lyme Disease

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Treating Lyme Disease

First, we suggest visiting your doctor for evaluation. Your physician may prescribe antibiotics and other drugs available on the market.  Certainly everything we have read on the subject indicates early detection of the disease will help prevent any long term damage to your joints and nerves.

Increasing the circulation to help flush out the toxins built up from the bacteria is a major part of your healing.  Far Infrared emitted from the FIR Clothing will help you achieve that.  

For best results, we suggest you drink plenty of fresh water and wear FIR garments often. As the Far Infrared stimulates the cells metabolism and activates the lymph system. Plenty of fresh water will aid in flushing out the bacterial waste.

Discovered by accident

MANAGER:  "We are compelled to report, We had no intention of producing a natural therapy product to help relieve the devastating symptoms cause by Lyme Disease. It was through our customer's personal research and personal testing of individuals suffering from this terrible affliction that the discovery was made.

We sincerely want to thank those individuals for giving us their invaluable feedback. It warms our hearts to know, far infrared therapy products are making a substantial difference in improving their quality of life" .
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Do You Have Lyme Disease?

Do you know someone who does? Well... you will definitely want to read the exciting things that this man has to say about the benefits he’s gaining from Far Infrared Therapy. 


Customer Comments

"A little clarification for the purpose of your knowledge:

One of the effects Lyme has on the circulatory system is that it causes platelet aggregation, otherwise known as 'sticky blood.'

This condition increases likelihood of blood clots, and also seriously affects blood pressure. So anything that can healthily increase circulation in this case is a good thing.

In general Lyme is a very tough little bug.

Frighteningly, in my case I seem to have had a relatively mild form! It is known as a CWD (cell-wall deficient) polymorphic, which means that its cell walls can change to any of several Lyme-specific proteins in order to evade the immune system - a crude but effective evolutionary development.

Interestingly its Achilles heel seems to be that it cannot live above around 101-105*F. Such temperatures kill much of the bacteria, and the remaining bacteria are immobilized and deformed.

This would lend credence to my finding that longer treatment times are cumulatively better than shorter ones.

I would venture to say that far-infrared therapy, whether through fir garments or infrared lamps (or both!), may also have an effect on the cystic-dormant form of the disease, through promoting elimination of wastes by micro-circulation deep in tissues where antibiotics cannot reach.

I hope this information helps in your research of further applications for your product.

Cheers! -Ryan H.
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Why Far Infrared Works for Lyme Disease:

Far Infrared Garments help to promote micro-circulation.

Increasing the micro-circulation to help flush out the toxins built up from the bacteria is a major part of your healing.

Increased circulation will help improve your energy levels. May individuals suffer from extreme fatigue (similar to patients with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) while combating the effects of Lyme Disease.

Far Infrared Clothing will help you deal with this excruciating condition.

To gain the best results of the Far Infrared emitting Clothing, we suggest you drink plenty of fresh water and wear FIR garments as often as possible.