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"I just have to let you know what a difference your socks made.

One evening I was a bit exuberant in doing some stretching and woke up the next morning with severe pains in the front of my ankles and down my shins. I could hardly walk down the stairs to get my new socks.

I put them on and within about 20 - 30 min. was able to get around the house. The severe pain was reduced to a bearable ache and I was able to get through the day. I took them off in the evening and almost immediately the pain in the front of my ankles increased again.

I can't tell you how your socks helped me. My only thing now is to have you guys make a longer sock that will cover my shins... up to the knee maybe like knee socks.
Thanks again for a great product."
S. Neuman
Thank you for making such a product. I got my Raynauds Disease when I was 23 years old. I'm 66 now.

I bought 3 pairs of your socks before I moved back to N.Y.S. They are wonderful! They keep my feet warm. I've hoped for something like this product for years. My husband was sure they'd have a cure before our retirement. He passed away in 2009. They haven't found a cure but at least I found your socks.
Thanks again!
Karen D.
I definitely slept better thr first night I received my Therpysocks. My feet were warm. Therefore, I am ordering two more pairs so I can have clean socks to wear regularly!
Dorothy B. Mississippi
I have purchased many pairs of your therapy socks over the past few years and as previously advised, I am getting wonderful results in relieving pain caused by peripheral neuropathy.

I recently recommended the socks to a friend from our Church who has diabetes and gave him 2 pairs of my "stock" to try before he purchased some. After only a couple of days he rang me to say he was absolutely thrilled with the result.

My friend was wondering whether the socks are safe to wear while flying as he has a trip coming up. I am not sure whether it is a long or short flight but would appreciate your advice on this matter. [just make sure the socks are not restricting circulation]

Dennis G. AU
What I like about Socks

G'day my wife's socks arrived in less than ten days ,fantastic service , thank you she has been suffering for a long time with swollen and painful feet due to Diabetes and after only wearing the Socks for three nights for two hours a time she has no pain or swelling and is walking so much better it is almost unbelievable.

Once again thank you for an amazing product, will reorder soon.
Regards Michael C., Australia
"I did get the socks for my father. He has myopathy of the feet from years of heavy diabetes and nothing has worked for him. He could hardly walk and was trying to swallow his pride to get a walker to assist him. I ordered the socks for him and they worked. He can walk much better than before.

I am uncertain as to how you came up with the idea or the material for your products, but am happy you did. I agree with that Diane lady, they are nothing short of a miracle.

Thanks for being so understanding about this.
Hi it's Sylvia from Australia.

I am writing to let you know my latest experience with your FIR product. I sprained my foot a couple days before easter and by night time it was extremely painful. I could not walk on it.

I have the scarlet wrap so decided l would give it a try and wrapped it around my foot, covered it with a sock so it wouldn't come off in my sleep and kept my foot elevated with pillows.

In the morning l was able to walk on it. It was sore but not as bad as the night before.

I re wrapped my foot and covered it with 2 socks, no shoe and went to work.

By the afternoon there was less pain and by the next day it was better and l could wear shoes.

I am amazed and so pleased at how quickly it helped heal my sprained foot.

I am very pleased with your products.
I was researching in the internet about a year ago, and found these your website. I bought a pair of open finger gloves, because I have pain in hands, can't slept well at night. It works wonder for me. These products are amazingly very effective. Got a friend got swollen ancle, she was limping for awhile, she's been to her doctor few times, she's got x-rayed and given medication but she still hurting. So I let her try a pair of socks I got awhile ago but I haven't used them. When I saw her after the weekend, she was smiling and said hasn't got pain anymore. Few weeks ago I ordered 2 pairs of socks, when I got them, I gave her a pair so she's got a spare and a pair for me.

The other friend of mine got different problem, she's got pain in her feet and feel hot, so gave her a pair of socks to try, I don't know if it worked but I told her to just try them on, (that was meant for me) but I don't want to see someone suffers. She put them on before we start to work and after the our shift finished, I asked her how's her feet and she smiles and said to me, there was no pain and did not feel hot (her feet). She also got pain in her hands, she can't sleep well at night, so I let her try my spare gloves, just after the first night she wore them (gloves) she said she slept like a baby, no pain!! I was so happy for them (my two friends). Thank you very much for these products they worked wonder for us. We are working as laborer in a meat industry, we are standing the whole work time.

Now I spread the good news about these products. I did not even know some of my other friends who are working in different company are suffering from pains in their hands and or their feet. That's why I have few items ordered for them.

Thanks so much again. God Bless you!
Sincerely yours
Ursula T. (Australia)
What I like about Socks

they are better than anything on the market today, what a great product they are, I would recommend to anyone who is having problems with there feet to give them a try as you will never were any other socks again, kind regards

tom dunne IRELAND
I received my socks within 5 days Canada to Brisbane Australia.
The first thing I have noticed is that my feet are not throbbing as they were. The foot with the broken bone still hurts but we are talking 24 hours.
Overall I am feeling positive about the future results.
REVEIVED socks and knee band 5 days ago.

The socks are a "GOD SEND"- I have suffered from Peripheral Neuropathy for the last two years. Doctors have nbeen unable to help me other than increase my Lyrica medication to 350 per day. I dreadedd going to bed and this past few nights have been excellent. I also wear them during the day.

I have recentlyhad a knee replacement and dealing with both problems has been hard to deal with. I am hoping this improvement will continue and I will be very happy to tell my doctor of my new found trreasure.

Margaret S. UK ( I Hope others could see this note)
Hi Amy,
Thanks for that. I am hoping to get my gloves before next weekend because I am riding my motor bike on a long trip and I think the gloves will help with my circulation. I am loving my socks and yes they are making a difference to the pain in my feet as I have Peripheral Neuropathy.

I was sceptical when I was reading your website but within a few hours I was convinced. Hence the reason I have ordered another three pairs.

All the best to you and thanks for the personal contact.
Stewart M.
... may we add your comments to the testimonial page?

Absolutely I think my socks are fantastic. You won't believe me but I am throwing out all my nylon socks because they are useless compared to my Therapy Socks when you consider my condition.

Stewart M.
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I purchased a pair of these socks two weeks ago for my 96 year old Dad, who suffers from peripheral neuropathy in both of his feet. He also is in middle stage Alzheimer's. The pain has been unbearable and no doctor had been able to relieve his discomfort. Since wearing his new Far Infrared Socks he said that his pain has been reduced by 80-90%.

I am placing another order for 3 more pairs as a birthday present for him. It is honestly the first time in 3 years that he has not complained constantly about his feet and is walking better.

I can not thank you enough. Much thanks from my Dad as well. Please feel free to use this testimonial for your product.

Signed A Greatful daughter, JoAnne Massachusetts USA.
Dear Sock and Glove makers,I found your Far Infrared on the Internet as I have Periperal Neuropathy. Iam 68 - but most people think I am 50!! I have bought your products. Now I AM MUCH MUCH HAPPIER - No pain in my hands and feet. I use no PN drugs (Gaberpentin etc)no pain killers - just vitamins, herbs and sensible diet and exercise and your amazing Far Infrared Gloves and socks - I have 2 pairs of each and they have eased my daily life - THANK YOU

Yes - you can post my email on your website - is there any more news ref your long infrared socks
blessings Christine B.
My 86 yr old Dad has peripheral neuropathy in his feet, and he finds that the socks give him some relief. Nothing else does. Thanks.
Dianne P.- New Zealand
I purchased a pair of these socks last month for my 86 year old Dad who suffers from peripheral neuropathy in both of his feet. The pain has been almost unbearable.

Within a week of wearing his new Far Infrared Socks he said that his pain has been reduced by 50%, and he wants another pair.

We are thrilled, hence this order for another pair. Please feel free to use this reference.
Dianne P. New Zealand
My husband has neuropathy in his feet. I bought him "a pair and a spare" of the therapy socks for Christmas. After 7 months he is still happy with the results. He says they really help to relieve his pain, and to keep his feet warm.

I will tell my Dad to be on the lookout for the new Socks. Thanks a lot.
I recently bought 5 pairs of the relaxed fit socks for my mum who had a stroke & is suffering from neuropathy. They have made a great difference to her - swelling has gone done & pain has eased. Delighted with the results, many thanks.

She also suffers from neuropathy in her right shoulder, arm, hand etc., she has little or no mobility on her right side but suffers from pain & swelling of the fingers, if not kept elevated.

I was wondering if the above gloves would be of benefit to her (according to the website they are suitable for arthritis pain relief & certain activities), really my question is, would they be suitable for her because of her lack of movement, as it doesn't mention anything on website regarding neuropathy in the hands.

Hoping to hear from you soon.

Hello again,
Thank you for your quick reply to my email.

I had a look at the website & will be ordering the gloves for Mum.

I would be happy for you to use my comments on your site, they are a genius product!

Many thanks again for your help.
Take care,