Treatment of Shoulder Muscle Pain

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Far Infrared Shirts for Treating Shoulder Pain

Far Infrared Therapy Garments are embedded with Bio Ceramics, all-natural minerals that naturally emit Far Infrared Rays.

These rays penetrate deep into the muscle tissues to provide soothing, rejuvenating, relief through micro-circulation. Far Infrared Therapy can help to reduce numbness, tingling, and swelling.

Reducing swelling is paramount especially if the Trapezius Muscle has been pulled. Once the Trapezius muscle is pulled, fluid pools around the affected area and the area will begin to swell.

Far Infrared induces micro-circulation to move these fluids away from the affected area. With regular use, Far Infrared Therapy products can help prevent and reduce swelling in the Trapezius Muscles and help to ease pain and tension.

Infrared Ion fabric is the perfect fusion combining both Far Infrared Therapy and Negative Ions to provide a potent therapy to provide a more elevated mood, increased immunity and metabolism to help accelerate healing and alleviate pain.

Negative Ions, together with Far Infrared Therapy Products, penetrate deep into the muscle tissues to provide wonderfully warm, soothing and relaxing benefits that help reduce Trapezius Muscle Pain.

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