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Brands - Best Selection of Far Infrared Clothing and Product Brands

Best Far Infrared Clothing Brands

Our company is working hard to bring you the Top Quality Brands of far infrared clothing available today.

Only the best Brands!

Firma Energywear, Invel®, Prolotex, BeneFab® and our own. 

Brands of Quality FIR clothing made with the most advanced materials. Both in comfort, style and effectiveness. These premium brand products are helping people find relief from their painful conditions and improve quality of life.

the FIRMA Brand



FIRMA energywear is made with a special, intelligent fibre that absorbs body heat and reflects that energy back into the body, leading to greater micro-circulation, vasodilation, and better overall skin & tissue health.


Benefab® products are developed by founder Kat Chrysostom using the same technology that helped her heal after she had a major riding injury in 2011 that left her temporarily paralyzed. Benefab® fabrics are infused with specific minerals that emit far-infrared wavelengths that are proven to increase blood circulation, dilate capillaries, and reduce inflammation. Benefab® products are designed to penetrate deeply into the treatment area for maximum results and pain relief.

Far Infrared Health Inc

Far Infrared Fashion

Just a passionate 'FIR Crazy' Gal, working hard to meet your expectations by carefully researching all new products before adding them to the collection.

That's why at you will only find top quality health products designed especially with you in mind.


The most trusted brand in Far Infrared embedded apparel in Brazil now available on

Invel’s patented MIG3® bio-ceramic embeds an active substance consisting of magnesium oxide, silica, alumina and ceramic into clothing fabrics, insoles and mattress covers, reflecting Far Infrared energy generated by the body back to improve circulation and promote healing.


This longtime favorite has gone out of business and closed it's doors. We have some remaining inventory but when it's gone... that it :( offers the Best far infrared clothing available today!