Fibromyalgia Tender Points. 9 Point Guide

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9 Point Guide to the Trigger Points of Fibromyalgia

An individual may experience point tenderness at one or more of the possible "Trigger Points" shown on the diagram.

18 Fibro Tender Points Guide (9 on each side)

  1. Base of the skull at the top of the neck 
  2. At the Back & Base of the Neck
  3. On the Top of the Shoulder
  4. On the Front at the Collar bone (Clavicle)
  5. On the Back over the Shoulder Blade
  6. Outer Edge of the Forearm
  7. At the Back top of the Pelvis
  8. On the outside of the Hip
  9. On the front pad of the Knee Joint.
  Guide to the Trigger Points of Fibromyalgia

According to Statistics Canada, in 2010 more than 445000 Canadians reported a diagnosis of fibromyalgia, compared to 390000 in 2005. (I wonder what the numbers are estimated at now!)


About 2 percent of the United States population is affected by fibromyalgia.¹ That's about five million people. Think about it: That's as if every person in the great state of Colorado had fibromyalgia. Yikes!

Fibro is about seven times more common in women than men, and is more likely to develop in middle age and later. But men do get it, and so do some children.

But keep in mind that the numbers aren't perfect. Because it is hard to diagnose fibromyalgia, it is possible that some people with other conditions are classified as having fibro, so the actual numbers may be somewhat lower.