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We started, way back in the year 2002. 

At the time, there seemed to be very little public awareness (in North America) of the therapeutic benefits of Far Infrared Rays.

I was so impressed from my first encounter with the pain relieving and healing power of FIR, I knew this is what I really wanted to pursue.

If we can help people solve their personal pain problems with a safe, effective and affordable product, how great is that!

This business has turned out to be so deeply gratifying, we refer to it as our "Feel Good" business.

We started the company in 2004 and headquartered in Canada. Over the years, we have established worldwide relationships with major R&D and manufacturing companies. So we can continue to improve the quality and efficacy of our products. All in the interest of serving our customers, better. is poised to become a leading global provider of the highest quality FIR products available.

COMMITMENT: Offer only "High Quality" Products, Services and Support.

We are a team of passionate “FIR Crazy” experts, working hard to meet your expectations by carefully researching and testing all new products before deciding to bring them to the marketplace.

That's why at you will only find top quality products designed especially with you in mind.

For those who appreciate great service, multiple fulfillment centers are designed to process and send your order without delay. We are dedicated to keeping our customers satisfied. So let us bring a smile to your face!

VISION: Global provider of the highest value Far infrared Clothing available.

The common thread in all our endeavors is service. Service to our customers, our employees, our community.

UNDERSTANDING: We listen to our customers, and learn how to make things better.

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