Sprained Toe

What is a Sprained Toe?

     A "Sprained Toe" is a stretching or tear to one or more ligaments of the toes. Toe sprains may be difficult to distinguish from a broken toe, as so many of the symptoms are similar. An x-ray may be the way to diagnose if it is just a sprain.

    Toe Sprains are usually caused by banging the toes - like walking into the bedpost at night or stubbing your toe on any hard object. Small tears and even full ruptures of the ligaments (ligaments join bone to bone and tendons attach muscles to bone), can be excruciatingly painful.

    Football and Soccer players are susceptible to toe sprains, as the have to kick the ball, so often. Other activities, like tap dancing, break-dancing, ballroom, Irish, Scottish and Latin dancing, ballet, and even skateboarding, can all lead to potential toe sprains.


    Treating a Toe Sprain:

    Reduce the initial pain and swelling with ice packs. Take the weight off and elevate the foot with the foot to reduce swelling. An oral pain killer may be helpful to ease the initial pain.

    For long term healing and prevention of further sprains, use Socks.

    We suggest you see your doctor for his/her professional advice first. Depending on the severity of the sprain, they may cast or tape your foot to help immobilize the toes.

    Far Infrared Therapy Socks for sprained toes!

    FIR socks help to:

    •     reduce toe pain
    •     increase ligament flexibility
    •     increase circulation to ligaments
    •     promote faster ligament healing
    •     reduce swelling and inflammation
    •     reduce the long-term complication of arthritis in your toes



    FIR Socks for Sprained Toes:

    FIR Socks heal ligament sprains in your toes faster than just cotton socks!

    The threads in Infrared products are blended with a safe formula of bio-ceramics that emit beneficial far infrared rays (FIR). These waves of soothing energy penetrate deep into the tissues of your toes and basically increase (stimulate) the molecular activity of the cells.

    The stimulation of the tiny capillaries and veins in your feet dilate the cells and allow fresh oxygenated blood containing vital nutrients to reach afflicted areas. Damaged cells and ligaments in your toes are restored faster with Far Infrared Rays than without!

    Far Infrared Rays are very helpful in reducing inflammation and relieving your pain. Depending on the severity of the toe sprain and how long you have been experiencing symptoms, it may take a bit longer to feel the benefits of natural FIR therapy.