Toe Psoriasis

What is Toe and Toenail Psoriasis?

    Psoriasis is a skin disorder where there is an overproduction of cells. Symptoms include red scaly patches on and around the toes and toenails of your feet.

    Toenail Psoriasis is when the life span of the skin cells is "sped up" or accelerated. The condition changes the appearance of the toes and toenails. Skin cells build up quickly, become whiter in appearance, scaly and, sections flake off easily. Most people also experience a burning sensation and have itchy toes.

    Other visible changes include:

    • discoloring under the toenail plate
    • pitting of the toenail
    • lines going across the toenails
    • thickening of the skin under the toenail
    • loosening (onycholysis) of the toenail from the nail bed
    • crumbling of the toenail

    Toenail Psoriasis is not contagious. Causes are not certain, but are thought to be related to diet, stress, a low immune system and possibly involve a genetic factor.



    Treating & Preventing Toe & Feet Psoriasis:

    Treatment for Psoriasis on the toes and around the toenails is normally a lengthy and challenging process. Reducing the cause is beneficial if can be determined. Keeping your feet clean and wearing shoes that have lots of toe room is advised. Regular checkups with your doctor is recommended.

    In most cases, Far infrared Therapy Socks help to promote circulation and retard bacteria from growing on the flaky skin of your toes. Wearing Infrared Socks on a regular basis will provide the best healing results.

    Socks are soft and comfortable with a smooth inoffensive flat seam at the toe. Wear FIR socks day and night to help your toes.

    That's right... all you have to do is wear them! And they even look good - no one will notice that you are wearing these special "wonder" socks!



    FIR Socks Reduce Toenail Psoriasis:

    The threads in Socks are fused with a safe formula of bio-ceramics that emit beneficial far infrared rays (FIR). These safe waves of soothing FIR energy penetrate deep into the tissues of your toes helping to restore the health of your toes and toenails by increasing the molecular activity of the cells.

    The stimulation of the tiny capillaries and veins in your toes dilate the cells and allow fresh oxygenated blood containing vital nutrients to reach the over-stressed areas.