Elbow Injuries

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Typical Injuries to Your Elbow

List of Common Elbow Injuries from playing sports and/or just every day activities:

Injuries to your Elbow


6 Common Elbow Injures

  1. Bruises - both bone and tissue bruising (contusions)
  2. Tendon ruptures - tendinitis, "tennis elbow" and golfers elbow
  3. Ligament sprains - the Ulnar Collateral ligament and the Annular ligament are the two most commonly injured ligaments in the elbow.
  4. Joint dislocations - bones of the elbow pushed out of place (very painful)
  5. Bone fractures - of the Humerus, Ulna, Radius and the Olecranon, (point of elbow)
  6. Cartilage tears - meniscus