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Safe Treatment for Hip Pain

Bermuda Short Help Relieve Hip Pain

Hi-Rise Shorts made with Pain Relieving Special Fabrics

Firma's Infrared High-Waist Bermuda Shorts are made of a unique bio-crystal "smart fiber". This technically advanced "Smart Fabric" reflects and emits Pain Relieving far infrared rays.


Far Infrared Therapy - Cost Effective Health Treatment     
Far Infrared shorts, pants, briefs and leggings are incredibly cost effective.

Some of our customers tell us they spend as much as $1000.00 per month on pharmaceuticals just to manage pain, blood pressure, etc.

Lets say you purchase a pair of Far Infrared pants for bottoms for only $99.95  or less and they can last you two (2) years (depending on how well you look after them.)

After doing some math, that's works out to less than 1 cent a day for hip therapy that can change your life. Think about it!

That's what you call cost effective.


Post Surgery Treatment Hip Pain

FIR Therapy Recommended for Post Hip Surgery Patients     
Total hip replacement is a routine surgery with very predictable results. Over 300,000 Americans receive hip implants each year.

Take Far Infrared garments with you to the hospital or have your friend or family member bring them to you after surgery. All you need to do is wear the tops and bottoms while you are recovering to aid in the healing during post surgery.

The Far Infrared fabric will help to heal the tissues, mend the surgery incision, rejuvenate the nerve endings and speed up healing process.

Your rehabilitation program - which begins the day of your surgery - will be much easier and less painful for you when you wear the cell rejuvenation clothing. We believe that just by wearing FIR Clothing, your bed ridden days will be shortened, you will be sitting up more comfortably in your chair, and even walking around testing out your "new hip" faster than without.


FIR Pants & Shorts to the Rescue

By wearing Far Infrared Bio-Ceramic comfortable long bottoms, circulation within your hip joints is dramatically increased. Blood vessels and capillaries are dilated allowing fresh nutrients and oxygen to reach damaged areas. The healing process is enhanced and the elimination of accumulated toxins can begin.

Bio-Ceramic therapy garments are made with special patented fabrics, fused with a bio-ceramic formula that emits and reflects natural far infrared light energy deep into your hip joints.

FIR energy offers you a safe, cost effective, and value added means of reducing joint pain while improving your overall heath.

Added Value

Here's an interesting fact; uric acid builds up in the joints, forming crystals. These sharp little buggers prick and jab away as we move around, adding to the level of joint pain you're experiencing.

Guess what? Far infrared rays shatter and dissolve these little "outlaws", effectively eliminating them and the pain they cause.

It's just one more health benefit you receive from wearing Far Infrared Bio-Ceramic Products.